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Please read testimonials from our patients, below, about their experience with Steven H. Cho, DDS, PLLC.

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Steven H. Cho, DDS, PLLC

5 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews

Patient Review by Robert L.

This is my third experience with Dr Cho. I have had 5 extractions and 5 implants. The first one was done after two previous attempts by another doctor had failed. Dr Cho was confident that he could get the job done. And you know what”HE DID”. Since then I have had four more done,all successful. The last two were extracted just yesterday. Both roots were cracked and came out in pieces. The entire proceedure took less than one hour with a minimal amount of pain. AMAZING. Dr Cho was professional in every respect. As was his entire staff. Dr Cho is a gem and I would certainly recommend to one and all. BOB L

- Robert L.

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Patient Review by Audrey P

Dr. Cho and his team are amazing! I had to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted and the procedure went smoothly. Dr. Cho is both gentle and professional; I knew I was in good hands. I have full confidence in him for any future work to be done.

- Audrey P

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Patient Review

Arrived earlier than needed and was taken care of promptly. Staff professional and courteous. Dr Cho was gentle despite the cracked tooth. Returning for implant in 2 months

- Anonymous

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Patient Review by Ann K

One of the best experiences with a doctor ever. And I live in NYC, where there are a lot of great doctors.

- Ann K

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Patient Review by K C

Best dental experience ever

- K C

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Patient Review by Gertrude S

Have never been in any doctor or dental office where I have been treated as efficiently as kindly as professionally as in Dr. Cho's office. The entire staff is caring, attentive and knowledgeable. Dr. Cho is a miracle - he is a brilliant surgeon whose disposition is so humble and kind that I am amazed that such a person exists in the medical profession. If you want to feel that you are being attended to, heard and feel safe in the hands of these professionals, Dr. Cho is the one.

- Gertrude S

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Patient Review by Patricia H

I came from Long Island and had the best oral surgeon with an excellent staff and I know they are the best.Thank You so much !!!

- Patricia H

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Patient Review by frans w

despite the size of the molar that was extracted, he made the proceedure as smooth as possible. D Cho's assistant was very helpful and calming.

- frans w

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Patient Review by ann c

All in all the most pleasant experience possible for something I dread - Feel totally confident and surprisingly relaxed in Dr. Cho's hands. Have had a a few implants with Dr. Cho who instills confidence and calm

- ann c

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Patient Review by DENENE F



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Patient Review by Lenward E

My visit can best be described with TenderLovingCare !

- Lenward E

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